Who are we?
In Locollective Location Management we are a team with passion.

we have experienced Location Managers, Production Managers and Fixers, Scouts and Researchers. We have the place you want in our data base or we can find it. On top of that we take care of every aspect of it, including official permits ( town halls, public institutions), security on site, road signs if needed.

What do we do?

We search for ideal location for your commercial, feature film or photo shoot, we also organise the logistics for all your crew and we make sure you will have all the permits in place, all that opimized to your budget and time.


We specialize in difficult locations, centre of towns, closing 3 lane avenues, changing the Old Town into Xmass village in the middle of June – it is all a challenge for us and we love it! We take care of our Client’s interest as well as the town hall or the house owner, we care for both sides to have an effective and pleasant cooperation. We search for solutions and always pay attention to every detail of the job.


We work with experienced and professional team of Traffic Engineers, Unit Managers, Security Comp, as well as carpeting teams. Our Location Managers are present during Director’s and technical recce, during the whole prep and shoot, they are trained to pay attention to the smallest detail.

Location Scouting

We have Scouts everywhere in Poland but also in the region (Czech Rep, Slovakia, Baltic Countries), our Researchers can find anything, as long as it exists. Just send us a brief and we will answer immediately if that location can be found in Poland, or maybe in the region.

Locations library

We have built a wide location library, send us a brief, we will show you what we got.

If You need:
  • Locations
  • Location research and/or scouting
  • Permits of any kind
  • Coordination during prep and shoot
We have been working in film production since 1998!
Many years of experienced had given us a unique ability of finding best locations , we know what to look for, how to get it, secure it and make it work, for our Clients!
Commercials that we had a pleasure to work on:
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Our Clients:

We know that every cooperation is different. We understand needs and workflows of every client individually. We check our locations especially for target productions.